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You have a 15 minute grace period. After 15 minutes you are considered late. A $20 fee will apply and you are required to reschedule! NO EXCEPTIONS! 
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As we are a small salon, with limited space, we ask that you collect your pet within an hour of being notified they are ready.

All of our grooms are completed within 1-5 hours of the appointment time. We request that no pets remain in the salon for more than 1 hour after we call, as we are not a day care and do not have the facilities to be one. Whilst day cares are available in our area, the same fees apply for extra care given.

Pets staying in excess of 1 hour will be charged a day care fee of $30.00

If you need to cancel, please do so 4 hours before your appointment or it will result in a $30.00 cancellation fee. NO EXCEPTIONS!
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Unfortunately, if your fur baby poops or pees on the table and needs an additional bath, you will be charged an extra fee based on the size of your pet. NO Exceptions! See the following:

T/S: $10  M:$15  L:$20 XL :$25


If the owner would like to be present during the grooming process, there will be an additional $25 fee applied at the end of the session. NO EXCEPTIONS!

No-Call No-Show

If you do not show up for your appointment and you did not call to cancel or reschedule you will be charged 50% of the initial grooming fee on top of rescheduled appointment. Even if you do not reschedule the fee will apply. If you do not wish to pay the fee you will not be allowed to make any future appointments with Limitless Pets. No call no shows are only allowed twice, we understand that things happen or people forget, but after that you will no longer be allowed to book future appointments with us NO EXCEPTIONS!

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